SA&V Commandments

SAARANHA&VASCONCELOS, Architecture and Interior Design Studio and its brand SA&V, have been sharing with the different public, throughout these 31 years, its knowledge and its projects. 

In this sense, this small book – Commandments – emerge; the first of a series | collection about several important issues for the Studio. Without pretending to be a didactic work, the structure of this edition is based on the known Commandments, the same that guide the projects of the Studio and which characterise the brand SA&V.

It is about a compilation of national and international recent project images which aims to illustrate each one of the Commandments of the brand.

In a 20×22 format, with 120 pages in colour, hard cover and dust jacket, COMMANDMENTS presents a sobriety and simplicity compatible with the own image of SA&V brand.   

The objective of this book was outlined, thinking of all those, professional or not, who might be interested in the Studio’s work and, with this, better understand its philosophy, its methods and its inspiration.

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