Who we are

In 1985 Lisbon testified the birth of SAARANHA&VASCONCELOS, architecture and interior design studio, at the hands of its young founding partners, which led to the creation and development of the SA&V brand.

Thanks to the bold, creative solutions of the team led by the firm’s founding partners, Carmo Aranha and Rosário Tello, the studio received its first architecture and interior design projects, which immediately became its main activity.

As a result of trips they were already making and the will and determination to create objects that would make a difference, the studio threw itself into the design of product lines, seasonal collections aimed at home and lifestyle in a wide range of materials: acrylic, metal, stone or wood. As their success grew in this area, where they showed creativity and boldness, invitations soon arrived to create ambiences in the residential area.

Project after project, the studio gained experience in the fields of architecture and interior design and admiration for the work done ended up generating invitations from business and commercial areas. In the last few years the Sea market has also opened up its doors with invitations for projects like the Maiora39 and Baglietto43 yachts and the sailing-ship Maravilha.

SA&V is currently considered a top brand in the area of architecture and interior design, synonymous with creativity, exclusivity, sophistication, contemporaneity and a strong connection to art. Tailor-made projects, which focus on exceeding and personalising the dreams of those who seek them out, play a decisive role in placing the brand at the level it has achieved today. Attention to detail makes it an exemplary and easily identifiable brand. SA&V is clearly a brand that’s ready for what the future has in store. Its commitment to the projects and the clients is reflected in the newest brand statement: Nothing Less.


Throughout the passing time, Carmo Aranha and Rosário Tello, together with their younger partners, Ana Camões and Francisca Perestrelo, have learnt that a good team is built through teaching, attention, patience, good sense, demand and respect. But also through novelty and youth. That’s why there’s a constant presence of “New Blood”, recently-qualified graduates with very different perspectives and experiences, who bring fresh capital to the brand.

This committed and talented team, made up of multifaceted and versatile people, makes it possible to maintain the SA&V brand as a symbol of creativity, quality and service at the right standard. It’s a team that’s ready to take on projects in Portugal or in any of the international markets where the brand operates. The SAARANHA&VASCONCELOS team deserves the respect of those who know it.

Whether its a mix of styles, colours, shapes, textures or patterns, its always enriching.
As a starting point it makes projects happen
Overdoing size, either by too little or too much, is what creates the modern. Balancing dimensions makes the classic. Carefully done, this contrast can be the master touch.
Its what invites us in. Without comfort, everythings static.
Multiplying the elements always causes an impact.
A good layout brings illusion. It may even make the most of defects and really maximise the qualities of each space
Whether its contrasting or continuous,
colour determines the ambience.
Natural or artificial, its what brings the magic
By combining the ten commandments, we achieve the 11th, and thats when we feel good
Without a doubt, its the final touch that makes all the difference
Special pieces and contemporary art make each space unique

Our Commandments

At SA&V we do not follow strict rules, but we support ourselves on solid pillars. Built and developed over 30 years of activity, the Commandments support the creativity of our projects. They are also one of our sources of inspiration.

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