Who we are

1985 was the year Lisbon saw the creation of SAARANHA&VASCONCELOS, initially geared towards designing decorative and lifestyle pieces. Thanks to the bold, creative solutions of the team led by the firm’s founding partners, Carmo Aranha and Rosário Tello, the studio received its first architecture and interior design projects, which immediately became its main activity. Not only has SA&V worked for various companies and institutions, but it has also gained experience in the residential area, where it has created ambiences for clients with varying ages and lifestyles. Through a lifetime developing projects in urban or rural, public and private residential areas, the new challenge to create “mobile environments” came along with interior design projects for two private yachts: the Maiora 39-metre and the Baglietto 43-metre, presented to the media and to the public at the Monaco Yacht Show 2011. Today, after 30 years, SA&V brand achieves its exclusivity thanks to the partners’ inspiration, their trips around the world and the discovery of cultures, spaces and artists, while elevating and combining details to create a unique essence in every project.


Over the years, SA&V has built a solid team that creates timeless bonds and projects. This is fundamental in leading to our goal of creating a structure of consistent work, whose vision, mission and values make dreams and ideas come true. The studio also promotes a professional network of indirect work in a wide range of areas. In this way, it is able to create opportunities for Portuguese artists and technicians, whose skills and work qualities are always highly prized. View Film
Whether its a mix of styles, colours, shapes, textures or patterns, its always enriching.
As a starting point it makes projects happen
Overdoing size, either by too little or too much, is what creates the modern. Balancing dimensions makes the classic. Carefully done, this contrast can be the master touch.
Its what invites us in. Without comfort, everythings static.
Multiplying the elements always causes an impact.
A good layout brings illusion. It may even make the most of defects and really maximise the qualities of each space
Whether its contrasting or continuous, colour determines the ambience.
Natural or artificial, its what brings the magic
By combining the ten commandments, we achieve the 11th, and thats when we feel good
Without a doubt, its the final touch that makes all the difference
Special pieces and contemporary art make each space unique

Our Commandments

At SA&V we do not follow strict rules, but we support ourselves on solid pillars. Built and developed over 30 years of activity, the Commandments support the creativity of our projects. They are also one of our sources of inspiration.
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